Day 3 Reflection

  • Project Sharing Sessions
    • Firstly i learnt about the various projects that my school mates did, which afterwards i had a detailed mindset on what they did. I also learnt about the different rules or laws that we have to follow when doing the experiment like the Fleming's Left Hand Rule which indicates the force, direction of current and the current. Next i learnt in detail how NTU is a awesome University to be in. NTU offers a wide range of studies. The under graduates there can start work before they even graduate which is a great opportunity. 

  • How do you feel about the SST-NTU Flagship programme?
    • It affected me by helping me think out of the box and teaching me new skills which can be applied in the open world out there. Furthermore, the project that i did taught me how to use different equipments and what are their functions. These details are very useful if i want to continue my career in a bio or chem field. 
    • My insights for the NTU-Flagship was the 2 projects that i did. They were amazingly interesting. I got to handle different chemicals and other equipments which i had never touched before. Thanks to NTU and SST, i am able to play with these equipments.

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